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11.1 Five Photopoint Method


Date created: 2020-09-29
Date modified: 2021-06-22

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To create reference images of the core 1 ha plot to show how the site changes over time.


Four photographs are taken at the centre and corners of the plot.


core 1 ha - one hectare plot


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Four photographs are to be taken at each of the five photopoints on the hectare. Photos at each corner are to be taken in the direction of the four cardinal compass points and the photos at the centre of the plot are to be taken in the direction of each corner as shown in below. All photographic sequences to be preceded by an identifier photograph that includes location, date and photopoint number. Camera is to be mounted on a suitable tripod with the central part of the camera lens at 1.3 m. The photographic sequence should be taken between 10 am and 4 pm (where possible) to minimise sun and shadow effects. Vegetation within 1 m of the photopoint is to be removed or pushed aside.

Photopoint directions

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Karan, M. (2015). SuperSites Vegetation Monitoring Protocols v 1.21. TERN Australian SuperSite Network. Cairns, Australia.

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