surface downwelling photosynthetic photon flux in air


Also known as surface_downwelling_photosynthetic_photon_flux_in_air

Date created: 2018-07-03
Date modified: 2022-06-10

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The surface called "surface" means the lower boundary of the atmosphere. Downwelling radiation is radiation from above. It does not mean "net downward". The sign convention is that "upwelling" is positive upwards and "downwelling" is positive downwards. "Photosynthetic" radiation is the part of the spectrum which is used in photosynthesis e.g. 400-700 nm. The range of wavelengths could be specified precisely by the bounds of a coordinate of radiation_wavelength. A photon flux is specified in terms of numbers of photons expressed in moles. In accordance with common usage in geophysical disciplines, "flux" implies per unit area, called "flux density" in physics.

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