upward mole flux of carbon dioxide due inferred from storage

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Also known as CO2 storage flux term, carbon dioxide storage flux term, upward_mole_flux_of_carbon_dioxide_due_inferred_from_storage

Date created: 2021-06-11
Date modified: 2022-06-17

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The CO2 storage flux term is generally recognized as a potential source of uncertainty for eddy covariance (EC) measurements on temporal scales of typical flux averaging periods of 30-60 minutes. The storage term (ΔFS) represents build-up (or depletion) of CO2 in the measurement volume from ground to measurement height that is unaccounted for during measurements of the net vertical flux at the top of the measurement volume by EC systems.


Crawford, B. and Christen, A. (2012). Quantifying the CO2 storage flux term in urban eddy-covariance observations. ICUC8, 6th-10th August, 2012, UCD, Dublin, Ireland. https://ibis.geog.ubc.ca/~achristn/publications/2012/ICUC8-2012-T25-574-Crawford-Christen.pdf

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