extensive clearing

URI: http://linked.data.gov.au/def/corveg-cv/TERNQueenslandCORVEGdatabasevocabularies/6c4c3535-d577-41e4-8727-3597983b0b94

Date created: 2019-08-22
Date modified: 2020-06-05


A record of if the site has been previously cleared/thinned and regrown. Recorded as: a) not apparent b) present (i.e. most of the vegetation is regrowth from a previous clearing/thinning event).


"Neldner, V.J., Wilson, B.A., Dillewaard, H.A., Ryan, T.S., Butler, D.W., McDonald, W.J.F, Addicott,E.P. and Appelman, C.N. (2019) Methodology for survey and mapping of regional ecosystems and vegetation communities in Queensland. Version 5.0. Updated March 2019. Queensland Herbarium, Queensland Department of Environment and Science, Brisbane. p72 https://publications.qld.gov.au/dataset/d8244c14-d879-4a11-878c-2b6d4f01a932/resource/6dee78ab-c12c-4692-9842-b7257c2511e4"


Extensive Clearing

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