(pending removal) projective foliage cover

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Also known as cover, crown cover, foliage projective cover

Date created: 2020-05-27
Date modified: 2020-11-09

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Projective foliage cover (pfc) (sensu Specht 1974, Walker and Hopkins 1992) is the percentage of the ground occupied by the vertical projection of foliage. This is the same as foliage protected cover (fpc) measured by SLATS (Armston et al. 2009).


Neldner, V.J., Wilson, B.A., Dillewaard, H.A., Ryan, T.S., Butler, D.W., McDonald, W.J.F, Addicott, E.P. and Appelman, C.N. (2019) Methodology for survey and mapping of regional ecosystems and vegetation communities in Queensland. Version 5.0. Updated March 2019. Queensland Herbarium, Queensland Department of Environment and Science, Brisbane.



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