vegetation community is representative of regional ecosystem


Date created: 2019-04-30
Date modified: 2020-06-13

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Refers to an area of vegetation which is relatively uniform with respect to structure and floristics The basic unit in the vegetation community classification within the regional ecosystem classification is the plant association or sub-association. A number of vegetation communities may make up a single regional ecosystem, and are usually distinguished by differences in dominant species composition, frequently in the shrub or ground layers and denoted by a letter following the regional ecosystem code (e.g. a, b, c).


Neldner, V.J., Wilson, B.A., Dillewaard, H.A., Ryan, T.S., Butler, D.W., McDonald, W.J.F, Addicott, E.P. and Appelman, C.N. (2020) Methodology for survey and mapping of regional ecosystems and vegetation communities in Queensland. Version 5.1. Updated March 2020. Page 125. Queensland Herbarium, Queensland Department of Environment and Science, Brisbane.


Vegetation Community Ecosystem Representation


Vegetation Community Ecosystem Representation


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